Kavita Kosh

Since its inception, LICAC has been supporting Kavita Kosh project. We are involved in fund raising and fund management for Kavita Kosh. In addition, we also look after the technical maintenance and further development of this unique project.

Other Objectives

  1. To establish, promote, support and develop voluntary organizations engaged in literary and cultural activities.
  2. To search, purchase, preserve and digitize the literature (including the rare literary pieces).
  3. To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships, fellowships, internship and pay stipends, cash remuneration and incentives, presentations or awards and prizes in cash or in kind to promote objects of this Trust.
  4. To develop and maintain electronic, web-based and printed collections of literature.
  5. To promote and encourage the usage of Hindi language at national and international levels.
  6. To develop, support and promote Indian languages content on Internet
  7. To support and promote computing in Indian languages and usage of Indian languages on computer and Internet.
  8. To promote people’s interest in language and literature.
  9. To get the literature, original as well as translated, digitized.
  10. To get the foreign literature translated into Hindi and other Indian languages, get it digitized and made it available to general public through print and electronic media.
  11. To support and promote existing arts and cultural projects.
  12. To conceptualize, develop, promote, maintain and support new projects in line with the objectives of the Trust.
  13. To organize the meetings/workshops/seminars/conferences/training sessions etc. throughout the country and in foreign cities in order to establish and promote interest in literature and languages.
  14. To spread awareness among masses about richness of Indian culture and literature.
  15. To conduct research and studies to formulate innovative, creative and meaningful development programmes for promotion of Indian culture and literature;
  16. To grant monetary and other assistance to person\s, project or organization who are engaged in promotion and development activities for the upliftment of culture and literature;
  17. To subscribe to, become a member of or otherwise co-operate with, other associations whose objects are wholly or in part similar to those of the Trust;
  18. To establish offices or agencies with in India or outside India to carry out objectives of the Trust;
  19. To invest the funds and surplus of the Trust in such manner and in such assets, properties, securities, shares, deposits or investments of any kind what so ever including immovable property of any tenure, as may from time to time may be determined by the Trust and from time to time sell or vary all or any of such assets, properties, securities, shares, deposits or other investments and execute all assignments, transfers, receipts and documents that may be necessary in this behalf as may be permitted by laws governing the Trust;
  20. To take over, run, manage and administer any existing organization having similar objectives;
  21. To publish and print or e-publish literature, journals and articles for encouraging programmes for upliftment of the culture and literature herein before and to publish books, produce movies, video films and souvenirs and to let hoardings of any person, institutions, firm, body corporate, association, Trust for the aforesaid purposes;
  22. To borrow, raise or secure payment of money in such as the Trust shall deem proper or convenient for the furtherance of the above objects;
  23. To accept and to give grants, gifts, donations, subscriptions, support and assistance in furtherance of the objects of the Trust;
  24. To purchase, accept as gift or otherwise acquire and own or take on lease or hire, temporarily or permanently any movable or immovable property and any interest, easement, right and privilege necessary or alter any moveable and immovable property of the Trust for the furtherance of the objects and activities of the Trust and to deal with the same in any manner whatsoever;
  25. To design innovative teaching materials, specialized computer software, information technology projects, etc. in order to further the objects and activities of the Trust.
  26. To organize training workshops across India and in foreign cities to train volunteers about contributing to Kavita Kosh and other projects supported by this Trust.
  27. To erect, construct, alter, maintain, improve, develop, sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, improve, manage and control all or any part of the property or the buildings, houses or other works necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the aims and objects of the Trust.
  28. To evolve strategies and schemes for artists, volunteers, relevant organizations and contributors in the form of mass media campaigns, community awareness programs, integrated education programs, help lines, information centers, counseling centers, community vigilance, back to school programs, sensitization training for various stakeholders etc., by coordinating with the various experts and agencies etc.;
  29. To give prizes to artists, relevant organizations, volunteers and contributors in order to encourage them to get involve in continuation of their innovative and constructive work.
  30. To purchase, hire and maintain the technical infrastructure and personnel to maintain, support and further develop
  31. To establish, equip and maintain any training center, data bank, homes and such other facilities as are necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Trust;
  32. To enter into any arrangement with any Government, Government Authority, municipal or local authority or otherwise, that may be conducive to the objectives of the Trust and to obtain from any such authority rights, privileges and concessions which the Trust may think desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply with such arrangement, rights, privileges and concessions; and
  33. To do all such things as are or may be necessary or incidental to, or conducive to the attainment of any of or all of above stated objects and aims.
  34. All the acts/activities/programs shall be non profitable and shall be done on “no-profit-no-loss” basis.
  35. PROVIDED the Trust may assist/donate to the other similar organizations to carry out the various objects mentioned in the objects clause in such manner and to the extent the Trustees may decide upon from time to time.