About us

Lalitya International Center for Arts and Culture (LICAC) is an organization established under the Indian Trusts Act 1882. It was setup by Mr. Lalit Kumar –the founder of Kavita Kosh project. The immediate need for establishing this organization was to make Kavita Kosh financially independent. However, Mr. Kumar gave LICAC a much wider purview in order to allow the Center to work on other projects as well in future.

Kavita Kosh project was establish in July 2006. By November 2011, this project became a collection of more than 50,000 poems from Hindi, Urdu and a number of other Indian languages. For all these five years, Kavita Kosh remained a volunteers-based project. A few people came together to make this dream project work and develop. No one was paid anything either in cash or kind for his/her work. The cost of running this project for five years was paid by 3 members of Kavita Kosh Team.

In 2011, it was felt that now Kavita Kosh should be professionalize so as to make it grow faster, grow better and also to give monetary compensation to those who are working to make this project a reality.

LICAC was setup in order to accept donation from individuals, organizations and government. The funds thus collected shall be used to run LICAC, Kavita Kosh and future projects of LICAC.